Future Ground Combat Vehicles

Welcome to the inaugural Future Ground Combat Vehicles International.

FGCV International is the latest addition to our well received Future Ground Combat Vehicles conference series. It is an exciting opportunity to learn more about the latest trends and technologies in the combat vehicles industry. We welcome you – warfighters, suppliers, partners, academics and fellow solutions providers – to join us as the community shares who we are, what we do and how we and our industry partners can support you to achieve national, strategic and organizational goals.You can expect a high caliber and diversified speaker faculty and guests from every facet of not only the U.S. Government and Military but from militaries around the world as well.

FGCV International will provide a unique focus changes in the current threat environments around the world as well as assessing the mobility, protection and lethality capability requirements of various international militaries.

In addition to the international engagement opportunities the event will also focus on the modernization strategy for current and future generations of combat vehicles for the US Armed Forces and its international allies

Join us as we discuss requirements for the NGCV, the modernization strategy for the Abrams, Bradley and Stryker platforms, active protection systems, advanced multi-purpose ammunition, robotic wingman, unmanned combat vehicles, communications, next generation weapons, and cost-cutting strategies for maintenance and support.

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Featured Past Series Speakers Include:

Featured Past Series Speakers Include:

Bigger! Badder! Bolder Topics!

Learn about combat vehicle modernization strategies from various program managers 
Gain insight from capabilities managers and their vehicle requirements priorities
Listen to acquisition updates from militaries around the world
Understand the GCV requirements of different militaries
Study the strategy to succeed while working with fluctuating military budgets
Get the details about the value of Active Protection Systems during our Focus Day


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