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April 30 - May 01, 2018
Embassy Suites by Hilton Detroit Livonia Novi, Livonia, MI

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Future Ground Combat Vehicles Agenda

Future Ground Combat Vehicles 2018 Take a look at our agenda to see what you can expect at Future Ground Combat Vehicles 2018 Summit, taking place on April 30 - May 1. This summit will provide a unique focus on the current threat environm ...

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Integrating Active Protection Systems in the Current and Next Generation Ground Combat Vehicles to Increase Protection Against Anti-Tank Weapon System

Colonel Kevin Vanyo, Military Deputy to Director of TARDEC and PM of Emerging Capabilities US Army discusses:Off the shelf APS systems under consideration by the militaryAdvantages of MAPS over APSMilitary’s acquisition goals for equipping GCVs with APS

What Organizational Design Changes can be Enacted in the Near, Mid, And Far-Terms Which Will Close or Mitigate Capability Gaps?

Major General Robert Dyess, Commanding General, ARCIC-US ARMY discusses:What challenges does the military face in its GCV modernization efforts?Which elements of the military research and acquisition practices require change?Improvement of research and acquisition through better practices

U.S. Military’s Short Term and Long Term Strategic Plan In Modernizing its Fleet of Stryker Vehicles to Increase Their Protection and Lethality

Increasing protection through APS and MAPSReviewing potential integration of next generation weapons to increase the lethality of StrykerFuture acquisition goals for the Stryker BrigadePresentation by Colonel Glenn Dean, Program Manager, Stryker Brigade Combat Team US Army

Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report 2018

Diplomatic and geopolitical activity in the past year has been turbulent. Among the factors that have made the biggest impact on the armoured vehicles market is the widespread sense of instability and unpredictability when it comes to knowing the type and pace of combat operations in the coming years. This edition of...

The Importance of a Land Power Narrative in an Ever-Evolving Battlefield

Land power is indispensable to achieve strategic objectives on the ground. The battlefield is changing and new threats and enemies are emerging, creating new procurement requirements and challenges for armed forces and the armoured vehicle community needs to adapt to this evolution. In this exclusive interview from this year's Chairman,...

Past Speaker Interview: COL Glenn Dean, Project Manager, Stryker Brigade Combat Team , U.S. Army

An Interview by Robert “Rocky” Kmiecik, Former Director, Mounted Requirements Division US Army Maneuver of Excellence, with COL Glenn Dean.

Pursuing the Future Force: A glimpse at the Army’s next generation unmanned combat vehicle strategy

The Army expresses its vision for Robotic and Autonomous Systems (RAS) by outlining realistic objectives in the near-term (2017-2020), feasible objectives in the mid-term (2021-2030), and visionary objectives for the far-term (2031-2040) taken from the “The U.S. Army Robotic and Autonomous Systems Strategy” report.

Five focus areas of the Swedish Army to remain relevant in an increasing threat context

In this exclusive article, Major General Engelbrektson, Chief of Staff of the Swedish Army offers us a privileged insight on the five areas Sweden is focusing on in order to remain relevant in an increasing threat context, from acknowledging the source of the threat to cooperating with other nations.

Preparing the Army of the Future: TRADOC's role in shaping the future land forces

The battlespace is increasingly complex and requires land forces to be flexible and have mobility while preserving their lethality, using systems that are more and more digitised. For the past 17 years, the International Armoured Vehicles has proven itself in the armoured vehicles community by providing the audience with A-list...

Armoured Vehicles Industry Insights - 2017

We spoke with several of our partners to get a first-hand insight on the active trends, challenges and aspirations from within the perspective of these organisations, as well as to find out more about the unique solutions they are bringing to the battlespace.

Armored Vehicles: World Inventories 2017

As detailed in Defence IQ’s 6th annual Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report (2017), the armoured vehicles market is projected to reach $15.17 billion in 2017. According to the report’s proprietary survey data, confidence in the global armoured vehicle market has rebounded after a temporary downturn, underpinned by steadily rising defence...

Armored Vehicles Inventory & Future Requirements - Asia Pacific

This easy to view, interactive Prezi presentation details vehicle inventories for the Asia Pacific region. We hope the information enclosed can help readers garner a greater understanding of the current situation for end-users.

Next Generation Combat Vehicles Program Overview

In this article we provide a key overview on the Next Generation Combat Vehicles Program and what's next when it comes to advancing the mobility, lethality, and protection of our Army's current fleet.

Interview with Colonel William Nuckols Director, Mounted Requirements Division, U.S. Army

Colonel William Nuckols, Director, Mounted Requirements Division, U.S. Army. is interviewed by Robert “Rocky” Kmiecik former Director of the Mounted Requirements Division, and uncovers what his top priority is in the mounted requirements division, if the “heavy” combat vehicles are dead, the LRV specific technology add-ons and what industry could...

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The Frontline of Combat Vehicle Modernization: FY18 Budget Highlights

After 15 years of cancellations and delays, the US Army is pushing through some vital upgrades for its armored vehicles. Service leaders recently ordered sweeping reforms to speed up acquisition, but the Program Executive Office for Ground Combat Systems has already started accelerating. Learn more about where the military is...

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2018 Ground Combat Vehicles Investment Global Heat Map

According to a recent research report by BIS Research, the global combat ground vehicle market is expected to reach over $9.06 billion by 2023. Find out which countries are investing the most in ground combat vehicles both now and in the near future in our interactive Global GCV Heat Map!

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