Armored Vehicles: World Inventories 2017

As detailed in Defence IQ’s 6th annual Global Armoured Vehicles Market Report (2017), the armoured vehicles market is projected to reach $15.17 billion in 2017. According to the report’s proprietary survey data, confidence in the global armoured vehicle market has rebounded after a temporary downturn, underpinned by steadily rising defence budgets, new contract opportunities and recent big ticket government investments. In addition to survey data and analysis the report also uncovered a continued demand for landmine/IED protection worldwide and growing demand for Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) and Light Protected Vehicles. Among the global community, there are also seen increasing dangers of directed energy and other types of anti-vehicles systems that demand innovative and cost-effective solutions as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have risen in the past year as the world’s focal countries for armoured vehicles business. This follow-on report details global vehicle inventories – in easy-to-read table format – in so far as it is possible to calculate. Of course, some nations and regions are less transparent than others about the exact units stocked in their military vehicle fleets, but we hope the information enclosed can help readers garner a greater understanding of the current situation for end-users.

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